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tyDi - Global Soundsystem 321 (08-04-2016)

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tyDi - Global Soundsystem 321 (08-04-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
As a DJ, the 21 year-old was voted #1 in Australia, and spent the year touring in support of dance heavyweights Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk.
As a producer, his tracks were signed to labels across the globe, including world #1 DJ Armin van Buurens own label, Armada, and he produced the soundtrack for hard-hitting government advertising, video games and luxury property developments.
But tyDi is so much more than either of these two personas alone. With a grounding in classical theory, and a view to the contemporary, tyDi is a new breed of artist.
As a 13 year-old drummer, rhythm was his driving force and punk his favourite style. By 15, he had traded in his drum kit for a set of Technics 1200s, and suddenly, the beat became his own. So with music his driving force and turntables at the ready, tyDi entered Brisbane DJ Wars at just 16, and won. Within months the bookings were rolling in, and Brisbanes famed Family nightclub took him in as one of their residents.

But while his reputation grew, tyDis love of music and desire to be more than just a DJ saw him take a more traditional path. Fresh out of high school, tyDi was invited to study at the renowned Queensland Conservatorium of Music, where he enrolled in the study of Music Technology.
It was a decision that paid off. Just two years out of high school, tyDi entered his first Sony inthemix Top 50 DJ Poll, and rocketed to the #12 spot. One year later, he took out the #4 position. And in 2008, with tracks signed to labels across the world, and praise for his work flooding in from contemporaries far and wide, he was crowned Australias #1.
An amazing achievement for someone so young, but this accolade was far from the end of the story. Late in 2008, tyDi hit the studio to produce his debut release. Moving away from his traditional roots, he sought to include real strings, keys and drums in his productions. He insisted on voices that were melodic, emotive and had the power to tell a story.
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