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tyDi - Global Soundsystem 215 (20-12-2013)

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tyDi - Global Soundsystem 215 (20-12-2013)
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From Melbourne to Moscow, London to New York, each week tyDi presents the world's most cutting edge electronic music with the official Global Sound...
Weekly world class electronic music, hosted by Australia's biggest dance music export - tyDi

I'm going to be very honest here... Tonight I have my own private beach, pool, hot tub, indoor waterfall, pool room, 24 hour room service and the most incredible bed. It's 4am and I could order a massage if I wanted to! I'm being treated like a king... But, I'm alone. Material things are fun but they mean nothing without the company of somebody else who truly cares about me. So to everyone out there who dreams of these luxuries, to those who see the 'glamorous life' and would do anything to have it; don't be fooled. The most deeply satisfying luxury you that you can possibly have is the company of another person who really wants to spend time with you. We've always heard the term 'money doesn't bring happiness' - And I'm sure we've all laughed it off whilst thinking about that white Lamborghini parked outside our mansion.
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