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Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 002 (22-12-2014)

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Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 002 (22-12-2014)
Listen Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 002 (22-12-2014)
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Tracklist & Description
Today the second coming.... Degenerate Radio 002 on Digitally Imported Trance!

Every once in a while you get a chance to do a nice thing, and many of us let it and let them pass by, assuming someone else can help, and that's understandable... We all have shit going on, we have to get where we're going, and "oh they're just panhandling" . But today, its full on Holiday mode, and it broke my heart to see an old man greeting me seated on the ground in his old coat with nothing but what we was wearing and coffee cup, which of course was empty. I decided to go into the Walgreens there and buy him a drink and some snacks. Now of course he could have been panhandling but it certainly didn't seem it, and he was alone. Someone needed to do something nice. So, for once, I did. Feels amazing, but its a bittersweet thing really, because I know tomorrow he'll be back in the same situation. At least for the next couple of hours he doesnt need to be down.
Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 002 (22-12-2014)
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