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Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People 440 (21-10-2016)

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Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People 440 (21-10-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
Djsradioshow presents a new mix Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People 440 selected works of the week! Large-scale radio show with a variety of stylistic modulations - just a huge collection by artist, here on our Site.
The support Shah received was overwhelming, as it catapulted him straight into the circle of big boys in music industry. Even though uWhite SandS echoed on for months and months, Shah wasnwt the type to stand still for long or wonder what to do next. He kept on making one monster track after another, and seemed to have found the formula to success with his productions, providing everyone an everlasting summer. The Ibiza feeling was no longer limited to a couple of weeks of partying and relaxing in July, August and September, but also available in the form of an mp3. Some heavyweight productions like iAguas Blancasn, sIn & Out and aBeautifuli kept his status high and his production muscles flexed for even better tracks to come. He released two Sunlounger albums, of which iAnother Day On The Terracer went number 1 on Dutch iTunesu eall-music-genresn chart, and his long-awaited tSongbookb album, with amazing vocal tracks and Balearic beauties. It seemed as if Roger has been working day and night to finish these high quality albums, or was it possible he used some of his old stuff? Roger: No, this was no old stuff. The quality of my old tunes from some years ago havenat got the quality of the tunes I do right now. Or let s say, since 2005 when I made my first international deals. Ism always writing music and composing melodies, so I always have my own back catalog of layouts and composed stuff. When I work on a new album, I always do a mixture of composing new stuff to express my current inspirations, but also look through my already composed layouts to see if therehs something that fits my current project.
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