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Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People Episode 422 (17-06-2016)

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Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People Episode 422 (17-06-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
Djsradioshow presents a new mix Music for Balearic People Episode 422 selected works of the week! Large-scale radio show with a variety of stylistic modulations - just a huge collection by artist, here on our Site.
Roger Shah, Sunlounger, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Global Experience, Savannah and of course DJ Shah. No matter under which guise he releases it, every single track is a sunny, Balearic beauty with a warm touch to it. German producer Roger P. Shah has been heating up the scene with his production for many years already. No matter how cold the winter might be, theres plenty of heath descending from the magical tones and beats of his sound.

01 David Broaders - Celtic Beauty [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
02 Dirkie Coetzee - Space Odyssey [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
03 Emanuele Braveri - Winter Tale (M17 Edit) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
04 Yodis - Filtered Thoughts [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
05 Rene Ablaze - Into The Stars (M17 Edit) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
06 Roger Shah & Moya Brennan - Reasons To Live (Full Vocal Epix Mix Full Vocal Epix Mix) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
07 Andy Elliass & ARCZI - Hope For The Future [TRANCE ALL-STARS]
08 Andrew Henry & Glorius - Magic Island (M17 Edit) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
09 Bernis - Lumina [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
10 Sunbrothers - Together [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
11 Brian Laruso & John James Renfrow - Holding Closer [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
12 Rogier Dulac - Endless Dream [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
13 Raul Pablo Sanchez - Day Out [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
14 Static Bloom - Island Ride [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
15 Balearic Session - Into The Morning Light [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
16 Sunlounger - I Just Wanna Dance With You (Jukebox 80s Remix) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
17 Eddie Murray - The Ending [MAGIC ISLAND DEEP]
18 NotAndrew & Alain Ducroix - John Lover (DeepRock Remix) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
19 Christian Drost - Into The Night (M17 Edit)
20 Bob Memphis - You Are My Lighthouse (M17 Edit) [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
21 Clarks - Footsteps In The Sand (M17 Edit)
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