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Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People Radio 407 (04-03-2016)

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Roger Shah - Music for Balearic People Radio 407 (04-03-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
Rogers recognition as a producer started spreading like a fire in 1999, when his first few tracks, The Mission and Tides of Time were introduced to a large amount of party lovers. But that was only just the beginning. His first hit came in 2003, when High was released by UKs Virgin Records Nebula imprint. Ever since, Roger Shahs unstoppable inspiration and drive to produce music has been paying off big time. Reading Rogers discography is harder than it seems, since its a maze of guises and collaborations. His tracks are spread out over 15 guises , 19 name variations and 21 collaborations, so its clear that Roger has been placing bets on more than just one horse. Roger explains: When I started my career as a full time producer, it wasnt possible for me to generate the income I needed, I couldnt live from just one project. So I did a lot of different things with different labels and countries. This has been a great way to find out how each company works and what they do for me as a producer and artist. So thats how I found out, that for me Armada is the best company to work with. Another reason for the aliases is that I do different stuff with different people, who are involved with several projects. For example; I have my well known Black Pearl project with former star producer Ralph Fritsch, who is one of the best musicians Ive ever met. He had his own big hit records and projects when I was just a beginner, so Im really happy to do some stuff with him and that I could sign him to my Magic Island label for his solo comeback. Luckily, nowadays his work is limited to only a couple of guises. But theres surely no limit to the diversity in his productions. From warm vocals to deep trancy beats and rolling basses, Shahs been there.
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