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Pete Tong - All Gone Pete Tong (with AN21, Robosonic, T.Williams and Andrew Bayer) (18-10-2015)

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Pete Tong - All Gone Pete Tong (with AN21, Robosonic, T.Williams and Andrew Bayer)  (18-10-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
Boasting an extended line of brotherhood to the formidable Size Records clan, AN21 has invariably let passion lead the way for his global legacy. Balancing the realms of A&R soldier to globetrotting House visionary, a remarkable array of melodic peak time anthems have come to establish this immaculate Swedish asset as an outstanding leader of the universal House explosion. At the eve of his most exciting landmark to date and a stellar year for himself and Size Records, the continuous momentum behind this talented young producer has never been stronger.

We all know that not everyone understands House Music but even Jack himself couldn't have wished for a more spiritual, body and soul shakin duo to spread the word. You dont exactly have to dive into Robosonic's numerous releases to instantly hear that the classic House Music template - laid down all those years ago in Chicago and New York - was always the most popular game for this Berlin based duo.
It has been 9 years since their first album Sturm und Drang and more than double that since these boys adopted mixtapes, crates and bootlegs as their daily nourishment. They've been hard at work in the studio ever since, squeezing more groove out of their tracks than an industrial juicer. 

Following their genre-defining Beatport Deep House chart toppers Worst Love and The Edge Robosonic cemented their place as front runners on the international House scene.

Nobody Told Me - part one from the Anamnesis Trilogy is OUT today on Beatport. Thanks for all the support for the track so far! Ive had a lot of questions asking about the inspiration behind the track. For me, theres a ton of different eras of inspiration in this track, and in the other 2 tracks that make up the trilogy. I really wanted the production to feel modern, but nod back at the REAL *PROGRESSIVE* house that I loved when I was back at Berklee. I was writing the melodic section of the track before I was heading off to Ibiza, and was channeling late 90s early 2000s classic trance, which I hope you guys can hear in there. I loved that era of trance, which is majorly responsible for why I started making music when I was 12. The *KICKOFF* was something I experimented with and threw down RIGHT before my first show at Amnesia last summer. The second I heard it in a big room, I knew it was right. I wanted to bring some modern, heads down, proper groovy material in there.
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