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Paul Oakenfold - Planet Perfecto Show 286 (25-04-2016)

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Paul Oakenfold - Planet Perfecto Show 286 (25-04-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
Paul Oakenfold is the UKs number one DJ. This simple statement, however, doesnt even begin to properly acknowledge Oakenfolds stellar contribution to our musical landscape. His signature can be seen in everything from the early rise of hip-hop and the re-invention of British dance culture to the Balearic explosion and the birth of Madchester.
Indeed, its a testament to Oakenfolds restless curiosity and imagination that his career shows no signs of diminution, even after two decades. A snapshot of his activities through the summer of 2001, for instance, finds Oakenfold hosting Perfecto nights in Ibiza before travelling to America where hes the headline DJ on Mobys ambitious Area:One festival tour. After that, there are DJ dates everywhere from Buenos Aires and Mexico City to Clapham Common.
Oakenfold worked as a courier for local dance radio stations in the Big Apple. By night he checked out the citys burgeoning new club environment, witnessing the extraordinary birth of hip-hop. Fired up, Oakenfold was determined to break into the music industry.

01. Paul Oakenfold Otherside [Fatum remix] [Perfecto]
02. Sebastien Park House Of Dreams
03. Paul Oakenfold ft. Azealia Banks Hypnotic [Perfecto]
04. Parx ft. Charlotte Haining Shady [Ben Dooks Remix] [Perfecto]
05. Trilucid & Alex Collings Ventura [Perfecto Black]
06. Harry Vederci Derek Fisher [Paul Oakenfold Rmx] [Perfecto]
07. Paul Oakenfold & Amber Shephard U Are [Perfecto]
08. Layout We Found Love [Perfecto]
09. Autograf Future Soup
10. Overjoy Love For Breakfast [Mighty Mouse remix]
11. Paragon Jaytech
12. Stamen I Wanna Feel
13. Alex Leavon & Lokka Vox Alive [Alexander Turok remix]
14. Yahel Surrounded
15. Kronfeld Ugly Duck
16. Stone Face And Terminal Wide Awake [Perfecto Fluoro]
17. Durs Forever
18. Solarstone & Basil Oglue Infatuation [Jordan Suckley Remix]
19. Stone Face And Terminal Earth To Brain [Perfecto Fluoro]
20. Ticon Waiting for the Knights [Lish remix]
21. Kayan Code Utopia [Peetu S remix]
22. Allen Watts Meteor
23. Paul Oakenfold Shanghai
24. Ticon Extreme Memories
25. Paul Oakenfold Blah Blah Blah
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