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Paul Oakenfold - Full On Fluoro 056 (22-12-2015)

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Paul Oakenfold - Full On Fluoro 056 (22-12-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
Since the start of 2001, however, Oakenfold has concentrated his efforts on America. In January he fulfilled a personal ambition when asked by movie producer Joel Silver (of The Matrix fame) to score the soundtrack for his next movie, Swordfish. The film, starring John Travolta and Halle Berry, was released in America at the beginning of June, going to number one in the box-office charts after the first week in the cinemas. The Swordfish soundtrack album went straight to number one in the U.S. New Artist Chart.
At the same time, Oakenfold had five albums in the American Top 50 Electronic Chart. They included Perfecto Presents Another World which, when released last autumn, became Americas biggest-ever DJ mix album.
It should be no surprise, therefore, to find Paul Oakenfold as the headline DJ on Mobys massively ambitious Area:One travelling festival tour of North America this summer. The shows open in Atlanta, Georgia, on 11th July, continuing through until California at the start of August.

Paul returned to England with a new Balearic house sound. He began running regular club nights in London, most particularly Spectrum of the Future at Heaven. The club became the fulcrum of a new dance attitude, attracting not only the regular London crews but also out of town rock musicians, including the Manchester bands, The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays.
Despite his dance music reputation, Oakenfold had always been an eclecticist at heart, growing up with an equal affection for rock and pop music. Through the latter part of the Eighties, however, rock had become increasingly irrelevant to a new generation fuelled on the underground explosion of club culture. Its presence permeated everything, from illicit activities through to language and fashion, thus it was inevitable that dance music itself would exert a revitalising influence on rock.
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