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Ferry Corsten ventures into new territory with his emotive Blueprint concept album

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Ferry Corsten ventures into new territory with his emotive Blueprint concept album
Its been five years since Ferry Corsten released his fourth studio album titled WKND. The drawn-out creative process of his latest album Blueprint is further emphasized by the amount of time thats passed since WKND was released back in February 2012. Five years is a long term in the dance music realm, but this necessary time interval between albums is completely visible in this new masterpiece.
Titled Blueprint, this concept album is a thoughtful, deeply personal project for Ferry Corsten which avoids the purviews of the club-oriented music which he has indisputably mastered. With his new album, Corsten has not only musically, but also verbally encouraged fans to think beyond the dance floor. Indeed this sentiment is a requisite for listeners who wish to experience the album in a purposeful fashion. Showcasing his creativity, passion and energy through the albums very own storyline, the 17 track album takes listeners on a journey beyond music, moving from melodic anthems to dance floor fillers, as well as a broad array of both instrumentals and vocal tracks. Adding to his impressive catalogue of productions, this album is just the latest chapter in an illustrious career, but its here to change the game.
Rrely do we see such consistent qulity throughout n lbum. Ferry Corsten hs mde it his priority to mke this lbum be one cohesive unit, with ech trck contributing eqully to the overll story tht the rtist hs creted. The lbum is tribute to Sci-Fi, nd fetures references to ll the eccentricities of Science Fiction, dting from erly fn fscintion ll the wy to current sci-fi trends such s Strnger Things nd Westworld.
Blueprint is an explorative piece of work that puts sci-fi at its interstellar core. Hollywood actor, Campbell Scott (known for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Exorcism of Emily Rose), lends his voice and is the narrative of the album. A unique and wildly creative expedition, Ferry attempts to bring a wider perspective to the listener with what is likely to be his most personal piece of art to date. Blueprint is truly an explorative new age journey and one which Ferry Corsten is finally excited to be sharing with his faithful fans!
This is just one of the few topics we touched in our exclusive interview with Ferry Corsten. The Dutch legend invited us to his Flashover Recordings office in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where we had the opportunity to listen to the whole story behind Blueprint. Not to spoil any more of the interview, check it out in its entirety below.