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Premiere: Spinnin Sessions 210 Laidback Luke

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Premiere: Spinnin Sessions 210  Laidback Luke
Always one to deliver the goods, Spinnin Sessions is one of the hottest podcasts in world music, featuring several of Spinnin Records current hits along with some exclusive unreleased music. The show is famed for providing fans with incredible weekly guest-mixes from the industrys biggest names. This time is no different as the 210th episode of Spinnin Sessions presents a stacked line-up of tunes, with Dutch superstar Laidback Luke taking the helm.
A highly popular DJ with a legion of fanatic fans, Laidback Luke (real name Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen) is known for his energetic sets, full of big drops, and effortlessly smooth electro mixes. Opening up with Deepends Every Little Thing, the Netherlands producer immediately draws in the listeners and is soon spinning the latest release from Tiësto & KSHMR a mammoth release called Harder which was first premiered by the duo at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March.
With further tracks from the likes of QUINTINO & NERVO, Jay Hardway, and Lucas & Steves Club Mix of Up Till Dawn (On The Move), Spinnin Sessions 210 is without a doubt one of the hottest episodes to date, with Laidback Luke demonstrating exactly why he is respected so highly by the dance music community.
Check out the exclusive interview with the man himself, Laidback Luke:
- Youve just released a huge collaboration with Florian Picasso titled With Me, which is sure to be a massive summer hit. What sparked the interest between you two to collaborate with each other and what were the inspirations behind the track?
-Ive been supporting Florian for ages! He has been releasing tracks on my labels for a while now and from our camp weve been pushing his name as well. He sent me the instrumental demo of the track and I loved it. It brought me back to 2008/2009 and when Florian asked me to collaborate on it, I couldnt refuse!
Premiere: Spinnin Sessions 210  Laidback Luke
-Back when Avicii decided to call it a day on the touring life, you had commented on the stress that touring brings. In that regard, how do you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on tour?
-Its a combination of certain things; Eating healthy, working out (Kung Fu and Fitness currently), getting enough naps, work on your breathing and practicing meditation. Stress is a killer and people should be more aware of it.

-Adding to that, you also have a wonderful family. How do you close the gap between your personal life and the professional one during tours? What were the difficulties that you experienced over time?
-To maintain that is to plan it out properly. I have so-called Daddy Days during the week. The one week its in the Netherlands, the other week its in New York. I go back and forth because I have kids on both sides of the Atlantic. Scheduling is everything! And then when Im there, its a priority to really be there during quality time. The most difficult part is missing your kids. I always say it starts hurting after five days.

-Youve known the ins and outs of the Dance music industry for the past 2 decades. What are your insights into the current scene in the industry? Where do you see it heading towards?
-The dance music industry grew to be a multi million industry. With all the pros and cons that come with that. Super professional though! Back in the day everything was looser, friendlier and smaller. Right now you can really see how pop is grabbing back their place in music. All dance producers make pop now.

-Your idea to use Vlogs to interact on social media is a unique one among artists. How did that come about?
-Very funny story: My son, back then 11 years old, came to me one day and said: Dad, you have to watch my VLOG on my Youtube channel!. I didnt know what a VLOG was and why does a kid thats 11 years old need a Youtube channel? But there it was. The videos he shot on his iPhone and edited together in iMovie. I was blown away! Then I thought, if he could do it, I could do it too! VLOG number 1 I filmed everything, handed in the footage, and at our office, they edited it for me. The result was very un-personal and not at all how I wanted it to look and feel like. So from VLOG number 2 on Ive been filming and editing myself. So its really personal! Its become my new hobby and Im absolutely in love with it.

-What are some of your plans for 2017? Any follow-ups? Upcoming singles?
-Were on the verge (my team and I) to start on a new album! And yes much more music to come, varying from dance floor tracks to poppier tracks. The next track after Move With Me is already finished!