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Avicii showcases construction of new recording studio in Tuscany

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Avicii showcases construction of new recording studio in Tuscany
Currently at the height of ending his third official studio album, Avicii has announced that he recently had a brand new studio place in Tuscany. Located in a vineyard, the recording and production studio is shown being built from the very beginning in a video recently posted by the Swedish dj himself.
Following his departure from touring and live performances, Avicii has completely concentrated on producing his music. During the past few months, he has provided his fans a small glance of what he has in stocked by sharing some live recording sessions inside his studio.
vicii unveiled the more experimentl side of his production style by fusing in vrious musicl elements from genres such s country. long with the expnsion of his crft, the Stockholm ntive decided to hve nother studio built for him, but this time, t more relxing nd nturl setting in Tuscny.
The video Avicii shared shows a time lapse of the process behind the construction of the new recording studio. Toward the end, the video also displayed the instruments that would be used inside the studio, including drums and guitars. With Aviciis upcoming album still in the works, we can expect him to use this studio for the next several months.
Check out the video here: