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Cox & Garrix will be filmed

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Cox & Garrix will be filmed
Bert Marcus Productions, creator of Teenage Paparazzo and How To Make Money Selling Drugs, have announced their latest film, a dance music documentary titled What We Started.
The pic will be a cultural narration of the e-music history, dominating by the legacy of Carl Cox and following with novice Martin Garrix.
The movie will delve into the parallels between Cox's indisputable impact and hand in the progression of dance music and Garrix's setting of dominant genres and global fame. By the way Carl Coxs radioshows are always free on our site.
The nrrtive comes together to illustrte the common thred of culture tht hs evolved t rte which has left a lot misunderstood. Wht We Strted ims to analyze the past, present and future of dance musics sweeping world.
The choice to pair the epochal mastery of Cox, who recently played the last set of his 15-year Space Ibiza residency, with Martin Garrix might be n unexpected one, but the film aims to rtfully showcase the connection between two different generations of dance artists.
The film was co-written, produced and directed by motion picture producers Bert Marcus and Cyrus Saidi, who appointed Pete Tong as an executive producer and music supervisor.
What We Started has no official release date or trailer.