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Andy Moor performs at Southeast Asian festivals

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Andy Moor performs at Southeast Asian festivals
Andy Moor is a producer, Dj and runs the record label AVA Recordings. He plays all sort of music, mainly known for melodic progressive trance.
We are pleased to announce that Andy Moor, whos radioshows are for you on our site, is soon making a small tour across Southeast Asia. It includes participating at Escape Music Festival, Vietnam and at Mystic Valley Festival, Thailand.
Andy will return to Vietnam for the second time where he will perform at Escape Music Festival in Ho Chi Minh City on October 29th . This will be Andys 2nd trip back to the country after performing in five cities during his Heineken tour in 2015.
Mystic Valley Festival will band together music and nature on 11-13 November to make a really impressive and exclusive music festival air. At the festival, youll be greeted to a 5000+ capacity camping site with your buddys for 3 remarkable nights. Trance lovers from Thailand and around the world can expect superfine productions, taking unsurpassed in electronic and other genres of music to a whole new level.
This yer is the tenth nniversry of ndy Moors record lbel V Recordings nd the lndmrk 150th relese hs cme out on September 19th. For this relese, ndy temed up with One Thing bout You collbortion prtner Somn to crete Look Bck, stunning melodic progressive trnce number with nostlgic nod to the pst.