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The end of Carl Coxs 15-year residency at Space Ibiza

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The end of Carl Coxs 15-year residency at Space Ibiza
Carl Cox has been making ferociously successful shows at Space Ibiza during the past 15 years and this season has been his and the venue's last. The club will be run by Ushuaïa Group starting in 2017 and Carl Cox will change his next venture. Dont forget that wherever he performs Carl Coxs radioshows are always here on our site, ready to please you.

So the last show gone. How was it? With rumours flying about all day, nobody knew what to expect. People really been queuing outside Space since 5 hours before the show. Some people even bought tickets for 500. Th whol day was on mad rush - it was a historical day for th island and th tnsion was appreciable.
The energy remained bouncy, because every member raver knew they were about to witness something exclusive. Upon rrivl, the Sunset Terrce resembled swrm - hundreds of huming young people bounced round the dnce floor while the older genertion recalled bout seeing Coxy bck in the dy.
Carl Coxs departure from Ibiza after 15 years as a resident at Space is a major blow to the party islands reputation as Cox himself said last year, the island has been spoilt by bottle service and VIP areas.