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Hardwell fabulous at 'Electric Zoo: Wild Island' in New York SPECIAL

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Hardwell fabulous at 'Electric Zoo: Wild Island' in New York SPECIAL
The world known DJ and producer Hardwell closed "Electric Zoo: Wild Island" in New York, where he performed on the main stage.
An renowned Dutch DJ, Hardwell went on and was met with a harsh reaction by his New York fans, as his name was spelled out in its entirety "H-A-R-D-W-E-L-L," with the crowd shouting along.
Hardwells music was memorable and contagious, a few of his highlight tracks included "Whine Up," his soaring collaboration with Quintino, and several tracks from his United We Are album. If youd like to enjoy his music, welcome to Hardwells radioshows at our site.
LED lights and pyrotechnics made his show more spectacular. His live set ws highly-eclectic, with mixture of remixes, his own songs nd few surprises. Hrdwell hd the fns clpping long the entire time, jumping nd wving their hnds in the ir. It felt as if he were the military general, and the fans were his soldiers obeying his irresistible orders.
He finished with Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," ' "Empire State of Mind," where everybody was singing along. "Everybody put your cell phones and lighters up from the front to the back. C'mon," he said, as red lights dimmed from the main stage. Equally sonically beautiful was "Spaceman," due to its hypnotic melodies.