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Markus Schulz presents Watch the World Live Set 21OCT @ADE

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Markus Schulz presents Watch the World  Live Set 21OCT @ADE
Each year, Amsterdam hits the 5 day festival- the largest club festival of its kind in the world. Markus Schulz is this year special star guest.
Born in Germany, now a Mimi-dweller DJ Mrkus Schulz is on of the most diligent DJs in the dance music world .He is a club DJ, governing his lbl ColdHrbour Rcordings nd host of th influntil rdio show Globl DJ Brodcst, th tranc platform in th DM industry. With his signatur hybrid tranc sound h is loved for hits such as 'Lov Rain Down' and 'Not Th Sam' with lctrifying mlodis and outragous basslins. Sensate his music with Markus Schulz radio shows at our website. With his overarching passion for tranc h shows no sign of deceleration!
What is Amsterdam Dance Event? Why is it so steep and famous? A five-day festival will explode Amsterdam calmness by bringing together music lovers and industry professionals. There are no less than 365,000 festival visitors at the Amsterdam fest each year, with more than 2,000 DJs performing at the city's clubs. The programs feature detailed competence and acumen into the harder and urban music genres, the relation between dance & brands, the relationship between music and technology, nd sustinble, ecologiclly responsible prctices for the globl dnce music industry.