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Hardwell quietly publishes hip-hop mixtape

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Hardwell quietly publishes hip-hop mixtape

Hardwell has not been heard from for a long time.It's been quieter than ever on his social media channels, there are no gigs and his last song came out in November 2019.Now the Dutchman surprised us with a hip-hop mixtape that he shared on his private Instagram account.

Hardwell'slast appearance was almost two yearsago.Since then, there have been a few minor visits, such as the revealed party in the boathouse last December, but the Dutchman has not stood behind the DJ desk in front of an audience since October 2018.This year in January,Robbert van de Corput, asHardwell'sreal name, finally gave his first interview since the announcement of his tour break, where he said, among other things, that he was almost never well.But since then it has become quiet around him again.
Now a new mixtape has appeared under his name - on his possibly private Instagram account"robbertvdcorput".Atthe moment, only his followers knowwhether it is reallyHardwell'sprivate or just a fan account.However, these suggest that it is reallyRobbert'sprivate account, among them areMaddix,Kaazeand his managerAnna Knaup.
Hardwell quietly publishes hip-hop mixtape
And this is exactly where the mixtape appeared quietly and secretly in the biography last week.The 100-minute mix wasuploaded to Dropboxby a certainRobbert Hardwellon April 23, 2020 and is full of hip-hop and R&B from the past 20 years.Tracks fromGinuwine, Usher, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Snoop Dogg, NellyandFatman Scoopcan be heard on it, but is it really fromHardwell?
Hardwell'slogo can be seenon the cover of Nostalgia, which of course everyone could have used.But in the mixtape itself there are tracks and shouts that onlyHardwellhas.Fatman Scooprapsafter 81 minutes "If you love Hardwell put your hands up, if you love Hardwell make noise" on his beat from "Be Faithful" and shortly before the end after a good 97:30 minutes there is another one Hardwelll shout.

The entire track list - consisting of 89 tracks -can be donut on our website.So far, no one has confirmed that Nostalgia is really fromHardwellitself.However, the signs speak for it.Maybe he just did it for fun and wanted to share it with his close friends.The genre also speaks for this - because at a young age the former DJ mag number one earned his money as a hip-hop DJ.However, as hip-hop continued to evolve into an underground scene, he decided to switch to commercial electronic music.