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Mega-Collab: Armin van Buuren and Brennan Heart release a song!

The "King Of Trance" meets "Mr.I AM Hardstyle "

As we know,Armin van Buuren isan avowed follower of hardstyle closings of his sets.It is not for nothing that theBrennan HeartRemix of his single "Blah Blah Blah" celebrated a gigantic success.His own hardstyle track "Don't Let Me Go", which he recorded with singerMatluckand presented on his album "Balance", is very popular with his fans.

NowArmin van Buuren,the "King Of Trance", andBrennan Heart, "Mr.I AM Hardstyle , teamed up and produced a common track.
"All On Me" was releised last Friday!
Mega-Collab: Armin van Buuren and Brennan Heart release a song!

After the "Blah Blah Blah" remix became such a festival banger,Fabian Bohn, soBrennan Hearts'native name, asked himselfhow a joint title with his DJ colleagueArminwould sound.He sent him a vocal byAndreas Moe, which he liked very well and came out with the collab "All On Me".

By the way,Andreas Moeis no stranger to the EDM scene!The Swedish singer and songwriter gavehis voice toAvicii's"Fade Into Darkness" orHardwell's"Colors".

As can be heard in the short snippet on Instagram, "All On Me", a little unexpected, seems to be more in the direction of progressive house, but it really gets under your skin!