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Hardwell: "I've never been as good as today!"

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Hardwell: "I've never been as good as today!"

Hardwell has not been at the DJ desk for 15 months and the Dutchman has also refrained from interviewing - until now. The label boss was a guest in the latest episode of the Revealed Podcast and spoke about his label, the EDM scene and a possible comeback.

In October 2018 we saw Hardwell recently as DJ on a big stage. Since then there have been a few minor visits, such as in the Revealed party at the boathouse last December, but behind the DJ booth, the Dutchman was not since then more. Also on interviews waived Robbert van de Corput so hard Wells real name, in recent months. The first since announcing his tour-break he was in the second episode of the recently tarnished Revealed podcasts.
Many issues were raised in 56 minutes. It is going better than ever at the moment, said the Dutchman and he enjoys life with his family and his friends. He himself rediscovered and feel like the child Robbert of that time.
Hardwell: "I've never been as good as today!"

He could finally make the music he wants to make. Otherwise, he has in fact only made music that would fit in his DJ sets. This is also the reason for the many different styles of music that we in recent months by Hardwell have heard: Pop, Bigroom, Progressive House - here was really much there.
In the course of the interview, the Dutchman spoke also about his label Revealed Recordings, his beginnings as a DJ and his personal achievements. Naturally, there was also the issue of resignation and comeback discussed.
The former DJ Mag number one was not tired from touring, yet he was ill or had even a burn-out. He wanted to work on something new and finally concentrate on his music. Hardwell wanted to again discover for themselves and want to come back stronger after his break.

When this break, however, is just over, could not or he would not tell us. But he revealed that he currently working on a lot of new music and was just simply super happy with it.