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A new rave movement is on the rise, and W&W are the ones in charge. Their new concept is meant to reshape the dance music experience for the most passionate ravers and marks the beginning of a new movement and label: Rave Culture. A new song came out along with the rebranding.

This rebrand marks the beginning of an exciting new ear for the duo who state:
With our song Rave Culture, we wanted to answer the call of many fans about making a song that went back to the golden era of Bigroom, somewhere around 2012 and 2013. We took that sound and tried to create an updated version with todays production standards.

As fans have come to expect, the track certainly packs a punch, unleashing a relentless stream of synths through the drop. Melodic yet intense, the track echoes with an unfathomable level of power that will leave no audience member standing still. Having already featured heavily in W&Ws live performances around the globe, Rave Culture has already proven to be a fan favourite.
Listen to this and other tracks for free here on our website.