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Hardwell & Blasterjaxx - Bigroom Never Dies

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Hardwell & Blasterjaxx - Bigroom Never Dies

For a few months fans were waiting for the new large-scaled tracks Hardwell & Blasterjaxx have eventually revealed their lines to big room rightfully entitled Bigroom Never Dies. The tune which honors the best years of EDM, truly makes an imposing statement. The tune brings a feeling of nostalgia to the forefront of any die-hard electronic music fans mind. With nods to several genres including hardstyle-esque leads, percussive elements consistent to that of house through the intro and breaks and techno styled builds and crashes in the interlude Hardwell & Blasterjaxx bring every possible element to the table to celebrate big room.

Big room was a mixture of genres which was greatly influenced from dutch hardstyle and techno. The genre which fell from prominence in 2015 was a staple throughout major festivals starting around 2010 including Ultra, Tomorrowland, Creamfields, EDC and so many more. Big room originally grew from a void in progressive and electro house where kicks in typical production lacked something driving, its was only after plenty of tweaks and tests did this eventually lead to bass heavy kicks so meaty and full they could reverberate through a large room live without diminishing in frequency, hence the name big room.

This saw select artists rise and become who we know as the face of modern day dance music across the globe. Of course, most of the successful artists created their own lane in genre, some of which you may know Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, Quintino, Martin Garrix, Showtek, Nicky Romero, W&W the list goes on. Even fter the genres downfll, the return of Swedish House Mfi t Ultr Music Festivl hs once gin sprked some life bck into big rooms revivl. Its just s Hrdwell & Blsterjxx reiterte, big room truly never dies.
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