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P*ss off your neighbours play gabber

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The energy of that sound is such a force...
P*ss off your neighbours play gabber

Carl Cox has revealed his view on the recent return of gabber.
The sound has seen a resurgence on a wide scale with Berlins CTM Festival hosting a gabber rave at Berghain earlier this year and neo-gabber taking over clubs in Eastern Poland through crews like WIXAPOL.

Cox mentioned that the sound was completely crazy. He added, in his early days there was not cut off point when it came to BPMs and he still loves it because the energy of that sound was such a dynamism.
I'll never forget my hardcore days. I used to get booked to play in Utrecht, the home of gabber. When I pulled out the toughest record that I could start with which was 165bpm it sounded like garage.

Can you imagine? My 165bpm record was too slow! I play 128-130bpm nowadays, and that's still considered fast compared to what other DJs are playing. I had to pick it up on my second record to 180bpm-190bpm. Now that's gabber!
If you really want to piss your neighbours off, you don't play d&b or any of that sh*t, you play gabber. That would absolutely bring the police round your house.
Cx annunced that he will play three parties under the name ne Night Stand in Ibiza this summer, including dates at Amnesia, Pacha and DC-10. The British icn als recently annunced fr three nights at Privilege Ibiza this summer.

Cox opened up about the current state of techno last month (April), saying the sound should scare the sh*t out of people. That was after he was voted No. 62 in DJ Mags Top 100 DJs poll last year.