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Gucci mane vocals added to Tiësto & Sevenns Boom

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Gucci mane vocals added to Tiësto & Sevenns Boom
Tiëstos collaboration with Sevenn Boom, released on Tiëstos own label Musical Freedom in April last year, undoubtedly became one of the most lambent tracks over the course of 2017, headlining in many sets round the world. The track proved a fan-favourite, garnering a staggering 31 million streams on Spotify alone. To take this success even further, Tiësto and Sevenn are about to release a brand new version of the track, featuring vocals from American rapper Gucci Mane.
With the newly dded vocls, the trck is undoubtedly set to succeed even further, with the potentil to chieve minstrem chrt success globlly. The ddition of Gucci Mne certinly opens up Tiësto nd Sevenn to brnd new udience, nd the dpted version has the potential to go viral upon release. Boom marks Gucci Manes first ever collaboration within the electronic music scene, and could lead to the rapper becoming a noticeable figure within the dance music industry. With some of his other tracks having reached over 125 million streams, his level of popularity will no doubt give the track even more acclaim.
The new version is due to drop on Friday, check out the preview below.