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Max Graham - Cycles Radio 306 (30-05-2017)

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio 306 (30-05-2017)
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Tracklist & Description
Djsradioshow presents a new Max Graham - Cycles Radio selected works of the week! Large-scale radio show with a variety of stylistic modulations - just a huge collection by artist, here on our Site! After a short hiatus, Max returned with a new musical style and attitude towards the dance scene and in 2005 claimed his first commercial success when he broke the top 10 of the UK Top 40 charts with his highly-acclaimed bootleg of Owner of a Lonely Heart. Spawned beside this renewed sense of purpose was Maxs Cycles series. This fitting tag would be the benchmark of huge things to come for the esteemed producer and was swiftly launched into the world in 2008 with his Cycles 1 compilation.

01. Bastiano Behind Me (Jelly For The Babies) [Balkan Connection]
02. Artist Euphotic (Ariose) [LABEL]
03. Jelly For The Babies Asgard (East Cafe) [HCM]
04. Antrim Time to Words [Sound Avenue]
05. Antrim & Analog Jungs Konephoros (Robert R. Hardy) [Sound Avenue]
06. Robert R. Hardy Changes [LABEL]
07. Nicolas Gudino Metropolis [BQ Recordings]
08. Quivver Brand New Medicine (Piemont) [LABEL]
09. THNK Enter [THNK]
10. Chris Llopis Beyond The Curve [Motek Music]
11. Chris Cargo Gravity [Soundteller Records]
12. Lateral Cut Groove Except) [Northern Lights Music]
13. Summer (Brendon Collins) & Swyft Arcus (Patch Park) [Tulipa]
14. Robert Stahl, Doryan Hell Town [Enter Music]
15. Bablak Clear Mind [Spring Tube Limited]
16. THNK Expand [THNK]
17. UMEK Shadow Tactics [Form]
18. Loco & Jam The Crazies [Terminal M]
19. Max Graham One Hundred (Estiva) [Cycles]
20. Shelter Pinned (Dualitik) [YinYang]
21. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor WIlde [JEE]
22. Forerunners Relic (Max Graham) [Cycles]
23. Andre Sobota Bluecode [Colourize]
24. Imran Khan Distance Between Us (Analog Jungs) [Clinique Recordings]
25. Moonchild (Forerunners) [Cycles] 126
26. Gai Barone Lost In Music [LABEL]
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