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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Show 248 (05-04-2016)

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Show 248 (05-04-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
After a short hiatus, Max returned with a new musical style and attitude towards the dance scene and in 2005 claimed his first commercial success when he broke the top 10 of the UK Top 40 charts with his highly-acclaimed bootleg of Owner of a Lonely Heart. Spawned beside this renewed sense of purpose was Maxs Cycles series. This fitting tag would be the benchmark of huge things to come for the esteemed producer and was swiftly launched into the world in 2008 with his Cycles 1 compilation. During this period, Max emerged as a tastemaker through his label Re*brand Records, which partnered up with powerhouse Dutch label Armada. Re*brand showcases Maxs brand of energetic and emotional dance music and his ear for talent with artists such as Protoculture and rising star Solid Stoneboth mainstays in the Re*brand family.

01. Adrian Roman - Better Than Human (Ewan Rill) [Abstract Space Records]
02. Following Light, Ewan Rill - Azure (Ewan Rill) [Lincor]
03. Desaturate - Faces
04. Guy J - Combo (Summer (Brendon Collins) & Swyft) [LABEL]
05. Da Funk - Ruffle Up (Blood Groove Kikis) [Spring Tube]
06. Brian Cid - Belles Du Shaman [microCastle]
07. G-Mohris - Endless Stories (Robert R. Hardy) [Per-vurt Records]
08. Greck B & Deetech - The Final Frontier [Habitat]
09. Stereo Underground - Empty Spaces (Chicola) [Sudbeat]
10. Adrian Hour - Yeah [Toolroom Trax]
11. Sinisa Tamamovic - Confused [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
12. Dani Sbert - My Feelings [Sbert]
13. David Kinnard - Alegria [76 Recordings]
14. Javi Bora - Into The Cave (Alberto Ruiz) [Stickrecordings]
15. Hugo Bianco - Aluminium Box (Alberto Ruiz) [Stickrecordings]
16. Marc Romboy - The Overture [Tronic]
17. Sasha Carassi - Clorophila (Alberto Ruiz) [Phobiq]
18. Dino Maggiorana - That's Enough [Toolroom]
19. Dani Sbert - Espiral [Sbert]
20. Phutek - This Groove [YinYang]
21. Sin Sin, Paul Blauth - Overkill (Paul Blauth) [Sin Sin Records]
22. Max Graham - Amnesia (Alex Di Stefano) [Cycles Live]
23. CIREZ D - VOIDED [Mouseville]
24. Wellenrausch - BubbleWrap [Lowbit]
25. Kalil - Maskerade [Electric Ballroom]
26. Nick Grater - Wisdom For The Wise [Stickrecordings]
27. Danilo Ercole - Daylight (Wellenrauschs Dark Matter Remix) [VAS]
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