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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Episode 245 (15-03-2016)

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Episode 245 (15-03-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
Producer and composer, Max Graham, is a multi-talented artist who has wowed club goers around the world and gained the respect of his peers with his diverse, but distinctive blend of dance music. Through incredible skills and his intense work ethic, Max has risen from humble beginnings to become a worldwide recognized name. Max is currently enjoying success in the UK charts, with his smash hit, Owner of a Lonely Heart and in clubland worldwide with his vocal hit I Know Youre Gone featuring Jessica Jacobs. With talents across the musical spectrum, Max is probably best known for his DJ skills. While the press has tried to pigeonhole him, Maxs sound remains indefinable. He has the rare ability to refreshingly combine pure house music with his own favourite tracks from dance music genres such as: progressive, techno, trance, disco and beyond. Maxs trademark is a roller coaster ride of funky basslines, energetic rhythms and uplifting melodies.

01. Andy Arias - A Little Stopover In Four Walls
02. Arilamas - Delight (Nicolas Rada) [Balkan Connection]
03. Lopezhouse, Angela - Crosses & Angels (Guy J) [Plattenbank]
04. Ewan Rill - Mirror Collection [Balkan Connection]
05. Paride Saraceni - Fly With Me [Tronic]
06. LoQuai - Fog Lights [PHW Elements]
07. LoQuai - Traveller
08. Paride Saraceni - Good For All [Tronic]
09. Nick Devon - The Poem feat. Miroir (Cid Inc) [Steyoyoke]
10. Paride Saraceni - Just For One Day [Tronic]
11. THNK - Score [THNK]
12. Kaiserdisco - Black Mamba [100% Pure]
13. DJ Nukem & Chab - Shavia (SEQU3l 2 A.m Mix) [LABEL]
14. Adrian Hour - Yeah [Toolroom Trax]
15. Derek Muller - Bacoa (Alberto Ruiz) [Stickrecordings]
16. Andrea Roma, Paul Mirror - Battery Pack [Toolroom]
17. Dark Soul Project - The Message (Mathov Darkrooms) [We Are The Underground]
18. Alexander Laurell - Mizar (Alberto Ruiz) [Egothermia]
19. Monika Kruse, Voodooamt - Highway No. 4 (Skober) [Terminal M]
20. Phunk Investigation - Sunset [PHUNK]
21. Max Graham - Amnesia (Alex Di Stefano) [Cycles]
22. Angel Tijeras - Combat [YinYang]
23. Bastet - Passion [Phunk Traxx]
24. UMEK - Double The Lust [1605]
25. Erin Sneo - Mine
26. W.A.R.Z. - Reenter (Alberto Ruiz) [Stickrecordings]
27. Danilo Ercole - Daylight (Wellenrauschs Dark Matter Remix) [VAS]
28. Mike Koglin & Moodfreak pres Sudhaus - Octagon [LABEL]
29. K.A.L.I.L. - Clouds And Star (Victor Ruiz) [Electric Ballroom]
30. Dale Middleton - Coruscate [Flow Vinyl]
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