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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Show 238 (26-01-2016)

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Show 238 (26-01-2016)
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Tracklist & Description
After touring heavily for two years, Max took some time off, in 2003, to reflect on the music scene and his place within it. Things were mad during those two years, I was being booked to play trance clubs when I dont play trance I was feeling disjointed and slightly out of control, flying from gig to gig without taking the time to make sure I was making the right decisions. Feeling uninspired by the direction the scene was going, Max felt he needed time away to reset and rediscover his passion for music. A trip to Southeast Asia and his relocation to Montréal was all that Max needed to regain his creativity and inspiration. He returned to producing, in 2004, with a new sound and a fresh outlook on music. Maxs new found energy translated into what is shaping up to be his most prolific year to date. In addition to his worldwide hit, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Max has original material coming out on his own label, Shinemusic, including the vocal hit, I Know Youre Gone, and Time & Again.

01. Rick Pier O'Neil - Dangerous Position (Rpo Part 1 Dub) [RPO Records]
02. Ramon Tapia, Stavroz, Guy J - Havana (Guy J) [Bedrock]
03. Rogier - introspection [Aethereal]
04. Rick Pier ONeil - Teach Us To Wash Up [Garbage Records]
05. Rick Pier O neil - Underground Favors [LABEL]
06. Shoker - Calling Station (Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo) [Habitat]
07. John 00 Fleming - Chemical Equilibrium (Subandrio's 'Global Mission Remix') [LABEL]
08. Subandrio - Sigiriya [JBM]
09. Natalino Nunes - Jungle [Black Swan Recordings]
10. Bastet - Passion [Phunk Traxx]
11. Necroboy - Humanity 1.0 (Alberto Ruiz) [Kindcrime Recordings]
12. Rafa Barrios - Valium [1605]
13. Ramiro Lopez - Neon [Octopus Records]
14. Sasha Carassi - Echoes (Loco & Jam) [Phobiq]
15. Blanik - All You Got [YinYang]
16. ID
17. David Temessi - Needs (Alberto Ruiz) [Trial Records]
18. Maxdal, Jay Plexer - I Need You (Alberto Ruiz) [DSR Digital]
19. Collectors Movements - Sabotage (Alberto Ruiz) [NOCODE RECORDS]
20. Andres Campo - White (Alberto Ruiz) [Florida Music]
21. One Million Toys - Almost There (Lateral Cut Groove)
22. ID
24. ID
25. Huminal - Pocket Universe (Rick Pier O' Neil & Desaturate)
26. Ad Brown - Calibre [Particles
27. John Digweed and Nick Muir vs Guy J - Heaven Scent [Bedrock] 126
28. Bedrock - Santiago (Nick Muir 2015 Downtempo Remix) [Bedrock]
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