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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Mixed Episode 230 (01-30-2015)

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio Mixed Episode 230 (01-30-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
Graham was born in London, England and lived in Spain, New York City and Los Angeles before settling in Ottawa in 1989. At age 15 in 1986, he began as a hip-hop and scratch DJ before discovering and falling in love with the Dance music scene between 1992 and 1994. Max was also instrumental in the creation of the famous Atomic nightclub in Ottawa, often playing 6-hour sets every week during the late 90s. Graham was nominated for a Juno Award in 2001 for his track Airtight. Also in 2001 Graham was asked to mix Tranceport CD #4 (Renamed Transport due to his unique style which includes more than trance) which was also met with huge success, and spurred his first world tour. This rapid rise in attention led Graham to be voted number 23 on DJ Mags Top 100 DJs list, the highest entry for a newcomer in 2001. His DJing is known for long sets and his distinctive music style remains difficult to pin down, covering genres like, progressive, techno, and trance.

Cycles is Max Grahams Yearly Snapshot of his own musical journey, a collection representing the natural progression in his taste. As always with Cycles, the elements of melody shine through this classically mixed compilation (like Grahams own Redemption and his remix of Solid Stone and Jennifer Renes haunting vocal tune Not Enough), but much like his successful career over so many years, the mix takes a wide arc of influence as it moves from Tim Penners lovely piano opening to Alex Di Stefanos tough as nails Black Panther and back down to a perfectly fitting closing track by Gai Barone entitled Psycles (written exclusively for this mix).
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