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Max Graham - Cycles Radio 094 (22-01-2013)

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Max Graham - Cycles Radio 094 (22-01-2013)
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Tracklist & Description
Each week DJ/Producer Max Graham takes you through a wide variety of dance music mixed together in his unique style. Max has been touring the world for over ten years to more than 67 countries and entertained hundreds of thousands of club goers and music lovers. He brings with that experience a wealthy knowledge for how music fits together to create a captivating flow. He is also know to have an impeccable taste for melody and quality in dance music.

Max Graham: Cycles Radio. From 12-2 Eastern every Tuesday on DI.FM "Dj Mixes" channel. Track list and downloads at

Cycles Radio 094 - Jan 22 2013

01. Silence Groove - Hanging in the Air [No Label]
02. Nhato - Hello World (Shingo Nakamura) [Octographic Music]
03. Anushka Desai - Flashes of Grey [Unearthed]
04. Tritonal - Retake (Ost & Meyer) [Enhanced] [Buy]
05. A.R.D.I. - Hopeful (LTN) [Arisa Audio] [Buy]
06. EDU - Tabula Rasa [Alter Ego]
07. Sunny Lax - Miele [Blackhole] [Buy]
08. Audien - Wayfarer [Anjunabeats] [Buy]
09. Fehrplay - I Can't Stop It [Pryda Friends] [Buy]
10. Eximinds - Revolved [Anjunabeats] [Buy]
11. Eximinds - Mainbeat [Garuda]
12. iIan Bluestone - Sinai [Anjunabeats]
13. Johan Malmgren - Nothing On Earth [Rebrand Records]
14. Skytech - No Need For Words [Coldharbour]
15. Redhead - Baloo [Suara] [Buy]
16. Marco Bailey - Horny Tiger (Filterheadz) [MB Elektronics] [Buy]
17. Drumcomplex - The Box (Alex Di Stefano) [Baptism] [Buy]
18. Solarstone - Clare Stagg (Jewel Pure Mix) [Blackhole]
19. Setrise vs Johann Stone - MNE [Flashover]
20. Ben Nicky - Gemini (Luke Bond) [Night Vision] [Buy]
21. Bjork Akesson - Sol [FOSE] [Buy]
22. ID
23. Lange - Hold That Sucker Down [LANGE] [Buy]
24. Mike Koglin vs. 7 Skies - Vision [Anjunabeats] [Buy]
25. ARS - Wonderwork (LTN) [Trance All Stars] [Buy]
26. Ultimate - One way To A Better World [Infrasonic] [Buy]
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