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Matt Darey - Nocturnal Radio Show 539 (14-12-2015)

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Matt Darey - Nocturnal Radio Show 539 (14-12-2015)
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About the same the same time Jamie's Australian visa ran out. He only went over there back packing and landed himself a massive record deal. Even so, the goverment threw him out of the country so it never got off the ground. Within a couple of weeks of him coming back to the U.k we started making tunes again and sent off demo's to all the rave labels at the time. The day before the BPI awards we set of to London to follow up our demo's. Just by chance we were sitting in the office of a very small record label playing our demo tape when some big shot from New York's Sire Records called Seymour Stien (the man who signed Madonna) rang the guy in the office.

He heard the demo in the background....the coversation stopped.....then he said "That sounds like a hit, I have to meet these guys. The next evening we met up, played him our demo's, explained the plot and he offered us a massive album was like a dream come true...... almost........ we got loads of cash and spent it on Laywers, Big studio bills, producers, managers.....oh and of course we pissed some of it up the wall aswell.....who wouldn't!!!! Anyway, the whole thing never worked out...we spent more cash than we had but we learned a lot of valuble lessons and had both made the move to London. It was like rags to riches to rags.....and we were both skint again....more than skint actually!!! It was desperate times so it called for Desperate measures. I made a double A side record called Li Kwan - Point Zero/I need a man and signed it for 400 quid......not the best deal in the world but it kept me going for another month. Before long it was all over Kiss FM, Pete tongs essential new tune, One of Oakenfolds Top tunes........ It was catagorised as "Goah Trance" and that was where my venture into the world of making Trance started off...
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