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John Digweed - Transitions 584 (Guest H.O.S.H.) (06-11-2015)

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John Digweed - Transitions 584 (Guest H.O.S.H.) (06-11-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
Ask any of the people who have been lost in one of his residencies at the likes of Watergate in Berlin, Studio 80 in Amsterdam or Ego in Hamburg over the last few years, and they are unlikely to disagree.
The usual biographical tales of teenage years being spent having music lessons do not apply here: H.O.S.H. got into production simply because he wanted to know how the records he was playing week in, week out (by now in Europe, Asia, Australia or either of the Americas) were put together. Once he mastered that, there was no looking back. Says H.O.S.H. When it comes to producing, making music for me is like cooking - the meal / track gets better the more love you put in.
Since 2006, H.O.S.H. has been an integral cog in the Diynamic wheel (alongside sometime flat mate and label boss Solomun and frequent collaborator Stimming) and, as a result, has helped steer house music into unchartered waters.

01 Guy J Nirvana [BEDROCK]
02 Steve Parry Flippant [BEDROCK]
03 David Garez Close Your Eyes 
04 Leonardo Gonelli Tonda
05 Crazy P Echo (Luke Solomon Body Mix) [Walk Dont Walk]
06 Eagles & Butterflies Same Place Same Time [GET PHYSICAL]
07 Audiojack Robot
Guest Leonardo Gonnelli Tonda
08 Agoria Independence [ELLUM]
09 Leftfield Little Fish [INFECTIOUS]

H.O.S.H. played:
10 Daniel Bortz Dont Forget Your Sword
11 ID ID 
12 DJ Dozia Pop Culture (KiNK Remix) [OVUM]
13 ID ID 
14 ID ID 
15 ID ID 
16 ID ID 
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