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Fedde Le Grand - DarkLight Sessions 146 (06-06-2015)

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Fedde Le Grand - DarkLight Sessions 146 (06-06-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
Releasing through Flamingo Recordings, Fedde cemented his reputation as a leading force in house with tracks like Let Me Think About It, The Creeps, 3 Minutes To Explain, Let Me Be Real, Back & Forth and Rockin High. The music flowed and he dominated the upper echelons of dance charts everywhere. Remix requests came pouring in from the biggest stars on the planet:, Robbie Williams and then Madonna came knocking on Feddes door asking for a le Grand-style reworking of her hit Give It 2 Me.
In 2009, the world waited as news that Fedde was taking time out to produce his first studio artist album began to filter through. Output was a breath-taking debut album where Fedde pulled in his loves of house, electro, hip-hop, funk and jazz and fashioned a piece of work that was both incredibly personal and dance floor dynamite. Collaborations with from the Black Eyed Peas, Rob Birch (Stereo MCs), MC Gee, Mr V, Mitch Crown, Camille Jones, Ida Corr and more provided Fedde with a rich and diverse pool of vocal talent to wrap his ideas around. Successfully released to over 60 countries around the world, it yet again proved Fedde could consistently push himself past his previous successes and was hungry for more.
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