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Bob Sinclar - The Bob Sinclar Show (12-06-2015)

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Bob Sinclar - The Bob Sinclar Show (12-06-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
Paradise, the debut Bob Sinclar album, followed shortly after. Packed with dancefloor bombs like The Ghetto and Ultimate Funk in addition, of course, to Gym Tonic Paradise proved that there was much more to Bob Sinclar than just a novelty track about calisthenics. His second album, Champs Elysées, was released two years later and showed Chris production chops and musical palette developing beyond the track-oriented, filtered disco sound with which the French Touch had become synonymous. Got to Be Free featured legendary early-80s disco singer James D-Train Williams, while Ich Rocke worked the sort of 80s-flavored electro vibe that would soon take dance music by storm.

The increasingly prolific Chris also kept busy with several other projects in addition to the Bob Sinclar albums, co-producing and compiling the Africanism compilations of percussion-heavy African-, Carbbean-, and Latin-flavored tracks by various French producers; and producing and co-writing Cabaret, the debut album by Brazilian samba singer Salome de Bahia, for his Yellow Productions label. Whats more, in 2001 Chris released Cerrone By Bob Sinclar, an homage to the godfather of symphonic Franco-disco. Part mix CD, part remix project, Cerrone By Bob Sinclar, was put the world on notice that, after 25 years, there was finally an heir to the French dance music crown.
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