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Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 378 (09-02-2015)

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Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 378 (09-02-2015)
Listen Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 378 (09-02-2015)
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Tracklist & Description
As hot as the Sahara and standing every bit as tall as pyramids, theyre the single most successful group to have emerged from the spiritual lands of Egypt. From the Med to the Red and from up high in Cairo, to down deep in the Sinai, theyve built an immense, ultra-loyal in-country following, From that foothold turntable Shamans, Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib went global. With their career-launching Egyptrance releases (inc. Eye of Horus and Spirit of Ka) through to latter-day master-blasters like We Control The Sunlight, their production credentials are only now matched by their spinning ones.

01 ID - Origami [FLASHOVER]
02 Matt Holliday - New Leaf (Solarstone Pure Mix) [GOONAIR (BLACK HOLE)]
03 Orkidea - Beautiful (Alt+F4 Remix / Ally Brown Rework) 
04 Allen & Envy & Jo Cartwright - Without It [AMSTERDAM TRANCE (RAZ NITZAN)]
05 Daniel Kandi & Matt Chowski - Ch00n! [ALWAYS ALIVE (ENHANCED)]

Future Sound
06 Derek Palmer - Sands Of Time (Mhammed El Alami Remix) [LEVITATED (SILENT SHORE)]
07 Ian Standerwick & Philippe El Sisi feat. Ana Criado - Magic Light [HOW TRANCE WORKS (SIRADRIAN)]
08 BluSkay - Enchanted Moments [AEZ]
09 Liam Wilson - Escarpins (Will Rees Remix) [CRITICAL STATE (KSX)]

Wonder Of The Week
10 Easton feat. Roxanne Emery - Healing Rain (Bryan Kearney Remix) [AVA (BLACK HOLE)]
11 Mark Sherry - The Pillars Of Creation [SUBCULTURE (BLACK HOLE)]
12 James McGuire - O.R.C.H.I.D. [DIVERTED]
13 SoundLift - Ocean Green [NATURA RECORDINGS]
Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 378 (09-02-2015)
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